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Permanent Puncture Protection - TYREPROTECTOR, United Kingdom

What is Tyre Protector

Tire Protector is a complex mixture of nontoxic ingredients that when combined have all the properties of a solid, making it highly durable and viscous.  It contains a proprietary blend of propylene glycol, Premium grade solvent, high molecular weight polymers and different grades of rubber fibre and particles. Tyre Protector is a Mono Propylene Glycol based water soluble tyre sealant which when installed into a tyre will give full protection against air loss for the entire legal life of the tyre. Tyre Protector has a revolutionary non water and non toxic chemical formula that enables the product to remain fluid at all times, thus enabling the product to immediately seal a puncture wound made by a puncturing object of up to 5 mm in diameter in a car tyre and a puncture wound made by a puncturing object of up to 10 mm in a commercial vehicle tyre in the tread area of the tyre, without loss of air pressure.

How does Tyre Protector Work ?

Tyre Protector is installed through the valve stem. The average installation time is only several minutes per tyre. As Tyre Protector is a liquid, once the vehicle is driven, tyre rotates and centrifugal forces spreads it evenly within the interior of the tread area, the advanced technological formula acts instantly and permanently to seal punctures when they occur and prevent blowouts and air loss. Tyre Protector forms a thin protective coating between the tyre and the air within the tyre. When a puncturing object penetrates the tyre, air pressure forces the sealant into the wound repairing the damage instantly and permanently. It repairs punctures and leaks immediately as air pressure inside the tyre forces tyre protector into the wound, giving an instant and permanent repair. In domestic cars and high speed commercials the Sealant will coat the entire inner tread area thus preventing imbalance and making punctures a thing of the past.

Tyre Protector is effective for:

· Reducing Punctures and Blowouts
· Extending Tyre life
· Improving fuel efficiency
· Reducing the number of waste tyres
· Reducing operating costs
· Saving lives


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