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Runflat Tyre Inserts

Composite Run Flat ( CRF ) tire insert is a reinforced polymer device designed to provide Flat Tire mobility when used with pneumatic Tires. This special composite material reduces friction and heat buildup inside a Flat Tire. The CRF is easily mounted inside a standard tubeless Tire on a traditional "Drop Center Style" Wheel using normal tire mounting tools. Each CRF is custom built to meet the specific load rating criteria and distance requirements of the application. CRF products are specified on numerous government and security vehicles where Flat Tire mobility is critical. In addition, the CRF is used on emergency vehicles, prisoner transport trucks and surveillance vehicles and in similar applications where continued mobility is essential. Very easy to install . Drive a min. of 30 miles at 30 mph with All 4 of Your Tires Flat! 

How are they made ?

They are made from lightweight, high strength polyester elastomers comprised of Two Components, A Roller and a Runner. The Runner is securely attached to the wheel in the drop center, and provides a track or channel in which the Roller is allowed to move or "rotate" about the wheel at the same speed as the tire, thus reducing friction and heat build up. The Run Flat Tire Insert has unique properties that make it resistant to crack propagation and deterioration from Ballistic Attack or Road Hazards. A little harder to install than our CRF Style. Drive up to 90 miles at 30 mph with All 4 of Your Tires Flat!! Can handle heaver vehicle loads than our CRF Style of Run Flat Tire Inserts. Also a little more costly than our CRF Style.

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