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IDtek RFID solutions are in daily use by world market leaders in the automobile, gas and consumer goods industries. Whether it be on the assembly line at BMW, in BP gas plants or in Nespresso stores �the quality and innovation of our products is valued in over 30 countries worldwide.

IDtek RFID solutions are synonymous with highest reliability, maximum customisability and spectacular user benefits. Our customer portfolio, which is unique in the RFID industry, is testimony to outstanding technology, service and price/performance ratio.

Our RFID Solutions



GEMINI, the CRM front-end for your retail network, is probably the most widely distributed RFID customer loyalty system. Used by global brands such as Nespresso, MAC Cosmetics and at 10 German airports, GEMINI improves levels of service through the use of RFID technology and increases customer throughput while at the same time making customer data capture significantly easier. GEMINI’s success is reflected in our customers� experiences:

  • Approx. 97% customer acceptance of RFID loyalty cards
  • Approx. 70% spontaneous use on repeat purchases
  • Double-figure additional sales from card holders versus comparable groups without cards
  • Return on investment (ROI) between 3 and 12 months.

GEMINI increases customer throughput at sales points and thus reduces waiting times. GEMINI increases sales per sales point and per capita. The use of RFID means that ID media can be customised and integrated into various marketing articles or even into products. Virtually all CRM systems on the market can be automated with GEMINI.

Pegasus :

With over 10 implementations on 3 continents, PEGASUS has grown over the years to become a complete gas cylinder management suite. Using RFID technology applied to gas cylinders of all kinds, pallets, metal containers, cylinder bundles and trucks, filling, warehousing, delivery and transport processes are automatically registered and can therefore be optimised on the basis of facts.

PEGASUS also facilitates better customer service and a smaller and more effective back office, while at the same time providing greater cylinder rotation and improved safety.

Janus :

JANUS has been used for over 7 years by BMW in the assembly of its 7 Series, 6 Series, 5 Series, 3 Series and X5 car ranges. The PDA equipped with barcode and RFID reader enables the individual vehicle chassis and the components identified with radio labels to be linked digitally with each other. This ensures the seamless and fault-free traceability of all safety-relevant components. And because the suppliers also use radio label technology, a component can even be tracked to the material batch and the manufacturing process.

JANUS is also used in the building of train carriages and locomotives, such as on all Intercity II trains operated by Deutsche Bahn AG.

Satya :

SATYAtrace is the first RFID-assisted traceability solution for the sterilisation of medical and dental instruments. This worldwide innovation satisfies the latest European standards and harmonises with the rigorous recommendations of Swissmedic. SATYAtrace means fully automatic and professional instrument management via a database, together with the automatic creation and archiving of sterilisation protocols �all coupled with exceptionally easy operation. Tracking data is generated by reading off the instruments contactlessly during the sterilisation process and then stored in a database, saving time and keeping the entire operation hygienic. The reports that are then produced are available to all persons responsible and can be archived for 10 or more years.

SATYAtrace RFID tags are applied either when the instruments are being manufactured or later, via a retrofit process. This makes each instrument uniquely identifiable via a number. Several instruments are stored in trays which travel through the SATYAtrace tunnel in which a receiver contactlessly reads the data. As a result, up to 50 instruments can be captured in a single pass. The SATYAtrace software then processes the collected data, including from the steriliser, and automatically generates the legally required sterilisation report. This report can then be signed digitally, sent and archived. Paper archives are consequently no longer needed.


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