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The object of an LDAR program is to detect any contaminating emission as soon as possible and take the corrective measures that are necessary to eliminate them, as established in the 96/61/EC EU Directive.


An LDAR program is more efficient, the more reliable and fast its detection means are. Among them, the analysers of contaminating gas particles in the environment, for example, prevent potential risks and improve safety conditions, but do not inform about the precise element in which the gas leak is being produced.

The periodical inspection programs in safety valves and other industrial elements susceptible of generating gas leaks, only detect this type of incidences in a periodical way, allowing the environmental contamination during large periods of time without being detected by the user.

The SmartWatch® technique, on the contrary, detects this type of facts instantaneously, providing a quick actuation to correct this situation. Therefore, this technique can be considered as an essential tool in all LDAR programs.

The computerised management is another basic technique of an LDAR program, because it allows the convenient analysis of all incidences, the generation of statistics, the study, prediction and elaboration of predictive maintenance programs, .... However, the computerised management must be integrated with the detection system, in such way that any incidence is registered in the incidence historical without intervention of the user. This is the schema followed by SmartWatch®, in which all events in relation with the appearance and repair of leaks are monitored, as well as the precise instants in which such events occurred. Additionally, the system can make programmed emergency calls to resolve in a more efficient way the detected anomalies.

In the specific case of LDAR programs applied to steam traps, SmartWatch® can be combined with TrapHelp®, specialised software for the computerised management of the preventive and corrective maintenance of steam traps, which provides added value to this type of programs.


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