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Amrita Healthcare Informatics Suite :

Amrita Healthcare Informatics Suite is a comprehensive software solution that allows a holistic approach within and across clinical segments, delivering solutions with the innovation and synergy necessary to help you move forward in today's changing healthcare environment. An underlying characteristic of Amrita Healthcare Informatics Suite (AHIS) is the use of open source technologies that can substantially reduce annual licensing costs, adopting business processes for better customer care and improved operational efficiencies, and use of reporting and analysis tools to support administration and decision making.

Amrita HIS is probably the only healthcare Solution available in the world which has built largely based on Open source technologies. Companies in all market segments will benefit from the inclusion of open source software in their planning and implementation strategies. While many small and medium organizations are already utilizing open source software to some extent, it is the medium to large companies who are likely to witness tangible financial and architectural benefits.

Featured Solution Areas in Amrita HIS :

Patient Management
Critical Care
Blood Management
Clinical Support System
Paediatric Care
Business Intelligence
Dental Care
Perioperative Care
Nursing Care
CSSD Management
Asset & Maintenance Management
HR Management
Ambulance Management
Revenue Management
Inventory and Pharmacy Management.
Registration and Medical Records Management
House Keeping Management

The solution addresses all the needs of healthcare domain and provides a fully indigenous implementation, adopting best-of-the-breed technologies and design techniques. Amrita Healthcare Informatics Suite is developed using extreme programming methodologies backed by a vibrant and large community of domain Experts. It is fully integrated, highly configurable, platform independent Enterprise Information Systems which allows for scalability and performance, while at the same time ensuring to meet all the needs of a Healthcare Institution and much more. The system not only helps in daily patient care management, but also provides the foundation to foster research and development. AHIS is aided with user-friendly reports and ergonomic user-interface and thereby ensuring maximum user efficiency. The main focus area is on the integration of clinical as well as financial and administrative applications.

The system allows for centralized access to all organizational and patient data through one single web interface for any authorized user. Lately, Amrita has also developed a professional edition of Amrita HIS targeted at practicing Physicians and Small Hospitals/Clinics.

The Amrita Technologies Healthcare professionals deliver innovation and insight to both the private and public sectors of the marketplace, which includes integrated healthcare providers, health insurers, managed care organizations, public health organizations and pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical products companies. With more than 200 professionals dedicated to serving the Healthcare industry, Amrita Technologies is committed to working with clients across the industry to help them achieve and sustain high performance.

Amrita Telemedicine.

Telemedicine reduced to its simplest form is connecting geographically separate health care facilities via telecommunications, video, and information systems. It is the use of telecommunications technology to provide, enhance, or expedite health care services, as by accessing off-site databases, linking clinics or physicians' offices to central hospitals, or transmitting x-rays or other diagnostic images for examination at another site. Health care professionals can make use of these linked telemedicine medical devices in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of patients in other locations. These devices are enhanced through the use of telecommunications technology, network computing, video-conferencing systems and CODECs.

Amrita Telemedicine is developed as a fully integrated telemedicine solution for linking various clinics and hospitals located in various remote areas of India with Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre (AIMS), Cochin. The system helps the doctors in these hospitals/clinics to seek expert opinion on treatment, medicine etc from expert doctors at AIMS. It also allows doctors to share their data with one another. Amrita provides complete Telemedicine solution, backed up by expert integration, customer service and training support.

Telemedince Services include:

Remote Doctor can have a teleconsultation about a patient with the specialist either with or without the presence of the patient.

Here a remote doctor can have a teleconsultation with an expert surgeon in conducting an operation. Though Telemedicine is relatively new in India, AIMS has the distinction of conducting the first Telesurgery in India, which saved a Sabarimala pilgrim’s life.

CME Programmes:
Continuing medical education for the doctors/specialists which includes seminars, workshop, weekly CMEs, and grand rounds (multi-specialty discussion)

Public health programmes are telecasted to benefit the general public.

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