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Fleet Telematics & Mobile Asset Tracking: About Scope Technologies

Scope Technologies is a leading global technology provider specialising in Mobile Resource Management, encompassing Fleet Telematics and Mobile Workforce Management.

Established in 1999, Scope has emerged as an internationally recognised technology leader providing Fleet Telematics Services across 37 countries with modular end-to-end solutions. For nearly a decade, Scope's solutions have helped companies around the globe to increase the efficiency of their fleets and mobile resources, decrease operational costs and improve profitability.

Products :
The MHub Fleet Telematics range is designed to address many of the operational challenges prevalent amongst commercial fleets. These include basis activity monitoring, reduction of operating costs and enhancing the management of the Supply Chain.

The MHub has been deployed around the globe across a variety of industries such as logistics, utilities, insurance, telecoms, public transport and emergency vehicles.

Application Platform :
MZone is a comprehensive, powerful Mobile Resource Management platform designed for logistics companies and fleet operators. The platform encompasses management tools to reduce operational and maintenance costs, increase mobile resource utilisation, efficiently plan and schedule delivery and service assignment and overall enhance mobile resource safety.

MZone is browser based, presenting the operator with user friendly access to complex activities such as planning and scheduling. The platform boasts incorporation of the latest technology tools, providing a robust, versatile and sophisticated application.

Reports can be exported to many formats, and scheduled to be generated and e-mailed automatically to designated users on a user defined periodical basis.

MZone has been successfully deployed in fleets across many industries including utilities, logistics, pharmaceuticals, emergency response and has consistently proved to be an invaluable and dynamic management tool.


Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)

The entry level module providing on-line location as well as a suite of reports including: trip information, driver performance, refrigeration monitoring and vehicle maintenance management tools.


Suite of reports designated to provide mobile asset utilisation against a user defined utilisation profile. The reports facilitate the identification of assets with low utilisation as well as trends analysis, which can be used in optimising the number of resources required.

Fuel Management

Management of the vehicle's fuel consumption analysed against the vehicle's activities as well as trends analysis. The fuel source data can be derived from a variety of sources including electronic fuelling cards, in vehicle network or manual entries.

Places of Interest (POI)

Monitoring of the mobile resource activities within user defined geographical areas (POI). The POI can be categorised by the operators to any user defined category (i.e. Customer locations, fuelling stations, depots, etc.). The POI related mobile resource activity is analysed and presented to the user in a variety of reports.


Allows for the dispatch optimisation of the closest available mobile resource to a required destination.

Planning and Scheduling

At the heart of mobile resource management are the planning and scheduling tools. The MZone MRM module provides a powerful planning platform which incorporates job allocation (i.e. delivery, service call, etc.) to a suitable mobile resource, job sequences, and associated times (time of arrival, job performance and exit). The planning engine utilises proprietary intelligent auto-learn algorithms, which keep refining the optimisation of the mobile asset group based on statistical performance data.
The planned routes/jobs can be synchronised with the mobile handheld or in-cab screens, allowing the driver to view the assigned jobs/routes and provide real time feedback. A real time view of actual vs. plan provides the operator with the ability to view execution status, identify and dynamically respond to execution problems.
The module is complemented with a suite of performance reports designed to analyse the mobile resource performance, identify problems relating to the supply chain, analyse trends, etc.

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