Expansion Joints - Fabric

Fabric expansion joints offer a number of advantages, especially in plant design and building. They take up movements in several directions simultaneously, have almost no reactive forces, need little space for installation, are easy to adapt to existing physical conditions, and they are easy to transport and install.The choice of the right expansion joint depends on a variety of factors of which only few would ever be identical from case to case. 

Single layer

A single-layer expansion joint consists of one material layer. According to the application area, the layer is manufactured from fabric, various fluoroelastomers or fluoropolymers with fabric as reinforcement as composite material. Single-layer expansion joints offer the utmost tightness and chemical resistance as is required when exposed to heavy condensate.


By combining different materisals and taking into account their thermal, chemical and mechanical resistance as well as their fatigue properties, multi-layered expansion joints are used within many industries, for example power generation. The multi-layered expansion joint design comprises four groups of material:
  • An outer cover material, which in most cases is coated or laminated, protects the expansion joint from pressure and temperature and guarantees form stability.
  • A gas sealing foil is the actual sealing element, usually embedded between fabric layers or integrated in the outer cover.
  • Very strong and temperature-resistant fabrics are used to protect the gas sealing foil and/or the insulation materials.
  • The layer of insulation materials protects both the gas sealing foil and the other expansion joint materials from high temperatures of the medium.

Preassembled units

Expansion joint units, where the fabric part is preassembled on steel components. This solution offers many advantages:
  • All preassembling work is carried out in our workshop
  • Installation into the duct is simple and quick
  • Transport brackets hold the unit in place during transport and installation
  • Large units are transported in sections and welded on-site, and are thus easier to handle, to transport and to install.

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