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Downwind Pollution Monitoring : Providence Enginerring, USA

Ambient Air Monitoring Systems

Nearly every ambient air monitoring system that Providence has developed represents integration of most current technologies in air monitoring, meteorological monitoring, analytical instrumentation, data acquisition, process automation and control, data communication (wire or wireless), and data visualization.  What sets Providence apart is its staff’s expertise and experience in the following key areas:

  • Broad background in analytical chemistry and instrumentation
  • Solid knowledge in electronic components and control devices
  • Expertise in scientific programming and software development
  • Cutting-edge data communication technologies
  • Thorough understanding of the regulatory context in which the monitoring system is needed

Providence’s 5,500-square-foot integration and assembly facility has allowed simultaneous construction of multiple air monitoring stations.  Providence’s capability and experience can be reflected by the following examples:

  • A fixed monitoring station with meteorological monitors, an SO2 monitor, and a calibration system
  • Twelve transportable monitoring trailers equipped with various monitors:
    • Meteorological monitors
    • Total non-methane organic compounds (TNMOC) monitors
    • Auto-GC with sophisticated triggering and control configuration for analysis of over 40 compounds
    • SO2 and H2S monitors
    • PM2.5 continuous monitor
  • A mobile air monitoring lab equipped with:
    • Meteorological monitors
    • Monitors for criteria pollutants ?O3, NOx, SO2, and CO
    • An H2S monitor
    • A mercury monitor
    • GC for speciated VOCs
    • Supporting and calibration equipment

Providence’s AIM system is a technology enabler for the integration.


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