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Cathodic Protection & Remote Monitoring

Cathodic Protection & Remote Monitoring

Full range of capability to survey, design, build, commission systems taking into account site conditions and technical requirements. The division also has the know how and skill to do periodic monitoring and rehabilitation of sick and defunct installations. All work is performed to international codes and standards.
HOV avails the expertise of the international manufacturers for the full range of materialand equipment, enabling it to provide cost‐effective services without sacrificing quality.


Field Survey:
Field Survey is conducted to reveal the soil characteristics before any Cathodic protection system is designed. Depending on the data collected any one or a combination of several methods is recommended. The final objective will be to provide adequate protection to the equipment be it a pipe, tank or structural member.

Design and detailed Engineering:
The data from the field studies is analyzed to design a system that will eventually yield protection. Other factors to be considered are the remoteness of the area, the duration of protection required and budgetary constraints.

Often construction of the ground bed becomes bulk of the job. Procedures developed through good practices in construction will not only yield consistently good results but also substantial savings in costs.

Installation of Anodes and Backfill:
Special skills are required to install anodes. A good team of experienced persons is deployed to install the anode without damage and in the proper manner.

Testing & Commissioning:
Trained personnel are employed to carry out the task and the findings are reported to the custodian of the project (client) for energizing the installation.

Operation monitoring:
In many a situation the operation and maintenance of installations are performed by a company on contract basis under the supervision of the custodian. A manual monitoring regime is prepared and readings are taken recorded and presented in the form of a report to the client. Gathering of data could be automated using rectifiers that interface with SCADA systems and collecting the required data automatically.

Features of C/P SCADA software:
?Real‐time remote control and monitoring of C/P remote rectifier units
?Instant data logging and alarm generation
?Different type database support
?Data analyzing and charting
?Operational support up to 256 rectifiers unit in single bus
?Support of a wide range of communication links including RS485?leased lines and wireless communications
?Single ?master / Multi ?Slave protocol support
?Standard database interfaces such as ABC and SQL
?Export and import data through standard interfaces such as BDE, OLE and API

Continuous monitoring of the cathode protective potential at above 850mv is necessary to achieve protection. Current voltage adjustment is done with the help of the rectifier to maintain the protective potential between set limits ?no matter whether monitoring is done manually or by remote sensing (SCADA ? Supervisory Control Data Acquisition)

Routine Rehabilitation and Maintenance:
During the operation life span, the system may require rehabilitation and revamping. Though the installation by itself may not require extensive maintenance, the power sources, instrumentation used may require continuous rehabilitation and maintenance.

After Sales Service:
On‐call after sales service personnel is essential for successful running of the project after the post construction stage. Competent persons to trouble shoot problems and suggest solutions, and a regime of preventive and corrective measures will go a long way in running the project through its operational phase.


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